• University
    Studied Software Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University
    Graduated with a First Class Honors
    Sept 2018May 2021
  • Graduate Software Developer
    Worked for Sykes Cottages as Graduate Software Developer
    PHP, AngularJS, JQuery, MySQL, Docker
    May 2021Mar 2022
  • Working as Software Engineer for Thales
    Working for Thales Defense & Security as Software Engineer
    Java, Spring, PostgresSQL, Flyway
    Mar 2022Now


Whilst at Liverpool John Moores University, I studied Software Engineering where I learnt a wide variaty of skills across many different aspects of software development from Web Techologies such as PHP and NodeJS to Application and Embedded Development with Java and C++. I graduated with a First Class Honors and have examples of my accessment work in the project section above, notable work being my "Security System" which was my Final Year Dissertation.

Graduate Developer at "Sykes Cottages"

Whilst at Sykes, I was a part of the Owner Retention Squad, where we maintaining the Owner Portal and added new features that would help to improve retention. This involved working closely with the UX Team both in the designing of new work and the testing of existing sections of the site.

Software Engineer at "Thales Defence and Security"

Whilst at Thales, the project I've worked on is called MSMSS (Multi-Domain Mission Support Systems), previously known as 'Airscape'. Through working here, I've worked more indepthly and with more responsability with both UX Designers, Product Owners, Testers and Real World Users. I typically will plan and design off the Product Owners requirements and present these to the UX Design team and Software Architects. After creating the changes, I will then create a test plan and work with the IVV (Test Team) on if there any problems.

Freelance Web Developer

Since leaving Sykes, I begain working as a freelance Web Developer for small businesses. This was typically achieved though using Bark to find clients in need of Website for the businesses. These sites were fairly basic and just written in PHP, JQuery and Sass. Unfortunately these sites have not been well maintained as these clients wanted to maintain these sites on their own and I've not kept in contact since.